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In HTML5 Development

By Maxim

Levels import from Adobe Flash to Phaser from JS Array

On 14, Июл 2015 | 2 Comments | In HTML5 Development | By Maxim

Hi everyone!


Today I decided to make the publication dedicated to the development of HTML5 and Flash games. I’d like to show an example of JSFL script I recently wrote to parse levels from Flash IDE to JS array to use it in the ‘Phaser ‘game engine. Let’s take a look at the file “level.fla”.

Its quite simple, we can see two layers: “back” – for the background, in the “levels” are placed objects to parse. Note that the layer we are going to parse must be the topmost.

Now the script:

In example output:

Download sources files


All rights on art in source files owned Toybrain Studio.


  1. This will open File save dialog. Just select folder to save

    var fileurl = fl.browseForFolderURL(“Select folder to save”) + “/PhaserLevel.txt”;

    • Thanks Anton, very useful addition.

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