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indie game studio

Dino Steak (HTML5)

Catch The Cheese (HTML5)

Cosmo Venture (HTML5)

Soccer Mover (HTML5)

FootYard (HTML5)

The Cheapskates 1,2 (HTML5, Flash)

Zomburger (Flash)

Quad Cop (HTML5, Flash)

Captain Finch (HTML5)

Brave Tomato (HTML5)

Zombie Market (HTML5)


We are pleased to welcome you to an independent game development studio ToyBrain. Here you can see our games made in HTML5 and Flash technology.

How to make screen shake effect in PhaserJS and write CameraShake plugin.

12th Сентябрь 2015 By Maxim

Hi guys, today I‘ll show you how to make a simple screen shake effect in PhaserJS!


Read more…

Our extension for painting in Flash – ‘Coloric’ is absolutely free for use!

15th Июль 2015 By Maxim

Hi everyone! We decided to share a wonderful tool for drawing that we use in our work! This extension for “FlashIDE” is written by our programmer Andrii Barvynko

miniature Read more…

Levels import from Adobe Flash to Phaser from JS Array

14th Июль 2015 By Maxim

Hi everyone!


Today I decided to make the publication dedicated to the development of HTML5 and Flash games. I’d like to show an example of JSFL script I recently wrote to parse levels from Flash IDE to JS array to use it in the ‘Phaser ‘game engine. Let’s take a look at the file “level.fla”. Read more…